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Are you an experienced exerciser looking for a new gym to push you to the next level; Gym project will become your second home in a rush. We are a community of people who love training, in a gym environment that is second to none. The trainers at Gym Project are passionate about their training and passionate about hearing about your training. We all specialise in all sorts of different areas and love sharing our training with you. You will find in Gym Project that you are never lacking in the equipment you want to train with. Not only is there a huge diversity in the equipment, it is of the highest quality. Yes the profits of Gym Project aren’t spent on fancy cars, they are spent on shiny new bits of gym kit.

  • Full individualised written program with nutrition advice, which is re-assessed once per month
  • Variety of quality gym equipment
  • Space, you will never be training on top of each other, the gym is 5500sqft with a high ceiling, the space feels open and airy
  • The gym spans many areas of fitness from cardio/weights/olly lifting/crossfit/calestenics

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